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Submitting stuff for the Registry

Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:45 am

First off, you can submit pictures and/or information to


I am trying to get more organized since I still have some e-mails dating back years to process. One of the things that make it more difficult to process the e-mails is the lack of a descriptive subject line. The filters I use to sort mail can have a hard time sorting out the e-mails and alot end up in the spam folder and i find more that have slipped through the cracks and end up in the weirdest places.

I would appreciate it if when you submit information please use the following guidelines:

1. One individual aircraft per e-mail, or at least one type per e-mail
2. Please be descriptive in the subject line (For Example: Subject: Registry - Spitfire - AB604)

These two steps will help me sort out the e-mails so when I refurbish a registry I can collect all the e-mails regarding that particular type. It makes it so much easier and more efficient and means that you will most likely see your stuff in the registry sooner.

Thanks for all the help. Without you ladies and gentlemen the site would not be celebrating it's 20th anniversary next March.


Re: Submitting stuff for the Registry

Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:14 am

Would it not be better to just submit information here on a thread? Then it gets captured straight away?
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