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14th Liaison Squadron Field Maneuver Massey MD 17-18 Sep 08
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Author:  Forgotten Field [ Tue Sep 09, 2008 6:33 pm ]
Post subject:  14th Liaison Squadron Field Maneuver Massey MD 17-18 Sep 08

The annual 14th Liaison Squadron Field Maneuver is scheduled for 17, 18, 19 October 2008. I am the founder/coordinator of the event and all information on this event will be originated by me and posted here and on http://ww2reenactors.proboards35.com in the events section for Mid-Atlantic Region. We welcome new Allied and Axis units to our event. Primary event registration is by private message to me here or on g503.com- please let us know you are coming by 1 October 2008.

The event takes place on Massey Aerodrome, in Massey MD. This spot is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, approximately 1 hour south of Philadelphia PA. http://www.masseyaero.org. Thanks to all the people who have participated in the past- you have really made this event a great one and I am looking forward to seeing you again this year.

Friday night is set-up and registration. Saturday, we are conducting a joint air/ground exercise in route reconnaissance. Aerial and ground targets will be approached and identified by small reconnaissance patrols of liaison aircraft and vehicles. Practice your aerial and ground distance estimation (binoculars with reticles are permitted)- the team which turns in the most accurate reconnaissance report wins a prize. Familiarization flights will be conducted in a Stinson L-5 aircraft during the day.

Sunday, we conduct a living history event for the Aerodrome. We have displays and vehicle rides for those from the community who show up. It is not required, but we encourage participants to join the Massey Aerodrome Museum http://www.masseyaero.org or donate to its donation box. Massey does not charge us for use of their facility, but they are a new museum with a pre-WWII DC-3 to restore and a grass airfield to maintain.

There is no cost for this event, except an optional Saturday evening feast put on by the 14th Liaison Squadron and a small convoy to a cantonment area with a local canteen. For $10.00, you get one great feed put on by a professional chef. The convoy to the canteen is always interesting.

We appreciate all newcomers. Talk to those who have been to our event- it is a great time. If you have any questions, please contact me via private message here. I will continue to post details of our operations here and on http://ww2reenactors.proboards35.com/ in the Mid-Atlantic Region Events Section.

Author:  RyanShort1 [ Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:29 pm ]
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Would you allow me to post this on Lbirds.com? Would you mind sending me some pictures that I could use?

ryan at lbirds.com (replace at with @)

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