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Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:05 pm

Hi All
I have been restoring a WW2 USAAF & RAF veteran with a friend for the past 12+ years (weekends and holidays) It's a 1943 Fairchild UC-61K Forwarder (Military version of Fairchild F24)
We are 90% done and 90% to go. Through out the restoration 1 part has eluded us for over a decade. The PITOT TUBE!!!
This is a Kollsman Model 765 UC-61K part number 44213. We have been told these are identical to the Fairchild PT-19/-23//26 Pitot tubes (PT part number 65103)

UC-61K on display in Brussels Belgium:
http://www.aerialvisuals.ca/Airframe/Ga ... 001208.jpg

I am a member of the Fairchild Club, and have been searching the world for one. A couple of PT probes pop up from time to time, but sell faster then I can dial the phone or email the owner.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I have detailed pictures and manual prints that I can not post.

Keep 'Em Flying
Jim Chybicki
Midwest Aeronautique LLC
UC-61K USAAF #43-14964 / RAF# HB-690
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