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Re: Tighar at it again?

Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:02 am

The Phoenix rises from the ashes of the WIX Tighar thread smiles

Scott gave those of us debating about Tighar a fair room to move and to be fair some of the content was "playing the man rather than the ball" a bit too much, and so when legal threats starting arriving it was understandable for Scott to pull the pin.

But all is not lost, the debate and critical review of Tighars operations and activities continues at a new home where the owners are less likely to be intimidated and more resourced to respond to any such legal threats.

Hence there is no need to place Scott or WIX at any risk.

For those interested in reading some of the past WIX posts there is a small selection of those recovered from the TECTIC archive smiles, while the debate continues over current Earhart project activities in light of a poorly planned and managed Niku VIII expedition.

There is also critical review of other "current" projects such as the TBD Devastator at Jaluit Lagoon, the P-38 "Maid of Harlech" in Wales and of course the oldest and most successful Tighar aircraft recovery project --"The Agaiambo E" / (The Lady in Waiting).

In fact the only aircraft recovery targeted by Tighar that has actually been recovered! Billed at the time as "the largest and most ambitious aviation archaeological operation in History"!


Again thanks to Scott for his past support at WIX to provide a place to openly discuss and critique the claims and activities of Tighar, The International Group for Historical Aircraft Recovery~!

Please don't post comments back to this thread or commence further debate on the topic here, this is simply to help those seeking the Tighar and Earhart debate to find its new home.


Mark Pilkington

Re: Tighar at it again?

Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:36 am

Great new forum....hope you get a lot of traffic there.

I found the chemical composition analysis of the supposed window patch to be very telling. It basically compared levels of chromium, nickel and zinc from the patch and compared to samples from other Lockheeds of the period and samples from American WWII aircraft (namely the Shoo Shoo Baby B-17 at Wright Patterson) and found that chemically, it has more in common with later metals than pre-war material.

Re: Tighar at it again?

Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:16 pm

How many imaginary angels can dance on the imaginary head of an imaginary pin....


Re: Tighar at it again?

Tue Oct 06, 2015 1:32 pm

If you're interested in the latest TIGHAR goings-on...check the Aviation Mysteries website.
It reports the group has started banning members/posters to its site if they don't follow the company line.

Re: Tighar at it again?

Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:43 am

Let's start beating the drum for next year's expedition:

http://nypost.com/2016/09/09/amelia-ear ... -suggests/


Re: Tighar at it again?

Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:43 am

The Australian Newspaper is at it now with large articles last Saturday based on the New Britain theory.
What are the thoughts on this from those who have read it (it is behind a pay wall if you don't subscribe)?
The introduction follows, many words followed this.

From The Weekend Australian Magazine
August 4, 2018

"In the autumn of 1945, a troop of young Australian soldiers was trudging through the muddy rainforests of New Britain, an island in the east of what is now Papua New Guinea. In that part of the world autumn is much like winter, spring and summer — it rains a lot and it’s hot and humid.

The Australians of D Company, 11th Battalion, were doing reconnaissance in the mountains not far from the town of Rabaul on April 17. They knew Japanese soldiers were nearby, and at least one man was often told to hang back and watch for following enemies. Around 1pm, a group of 20 men from D Company who’d taken a shortcut along a ridge saw something unusual. Sunlight was pouring through the jungle canopy into a cavernous clearing, illuminating a metallic object wedged into the mud. Fearing an ambush, the men at the front of the patrol dropped to the ground. ­Cautiously approaching, they ­discovered to their surprise that it was an enormous plane engine. Corporal Don Angwin, one of the first in line, called back for the patrol’s leader, Lieutenant Ken Backhouse, who came up to investigate.

To find crash debris on the ground was not unusual at that time; warplanes often went down and were sometimes not found for weeks, if ever. But this one was different. It didn’t seem to be a military plane and the men later said it appeared to be very old. Looking for identifying marks, someone grabbed a metal tag hanging off the engine by a wire. Crucially, the information on it was copied onto the margins of a map of the patrol area. Decades later, it would emerge that those numbers and letters matched one plane — an aircraft that had, at the time, been missing for eight years. The fate of this plane and its two occupants remains one of the biggest aviation mysteries in history. The numbers and letters ­corresponded with the Lockheed Electra 10E flown by famed US pilot Amelia Earhart....."

Re: Tighar at it again?

Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:12 pm

Well fancy that! I reckon I could make up a similar story, based around my favourite vacation destination too.

Except that if I asked anyone to fund it their first question would be, "How come it took until 2018 for you to come up with this 'evidence'?"

It's always the same type of story and what amazes me is that this organization still manages to get publicity rather than being investigated.

Re: Tighar at it again?

Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:12 pm

ironically posted repeated stuff!

Re: Tighar at it again?

Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:54 pm

quemerford wrote:Well fancy that! I reckon I could make up a similar story, based around my favourite vacation destination too.

Except that if I asked anyone to fund it their first question would be, "How come it took until 2018 for you to come up with this 'evidence'?"

It's always the same type of story and what amazes me is that this organization still manages to get publicity rather than being investigated.

I think your skepticism may be misplaced in this particular case. I do not believe the gent pursuing the Australian theory is anything like TIGHAR.

Re: Tighar at it again?

Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:06 am

tigger needs their butt kicked for displacing the rightful publicity this PNG story should always have been getting.

Re: Tighar at it again?

Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:16 am

Quemerford goes "bang" prematurely, yet again

As is his usual peculiar bent, Quemerford has gone off half-cocked again and vented his spleen at the wrong guy....

The article was about my project Quemerford not about TIGHAR. Put your reading glasses on.

...and take a chill-pill.

David Billings

Re: Tighar at it again?

Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:15 am

In the past years I have been following TIGHAR, it never ceases to amaze the level Ric Gillespie will go to fund his personal fortune at the expense of the unwary an uninlightened. I take you now to his latest email and a shameless plea for more funding.

Watch Your Inbox

On Monday, TIGHAR members who receive TIGHAR Tracks as a PDF will get a link to the October issue. Printed copies will be sent out later in the week.

In the December 2017 issue of Tracks we announced that we were doing an initial investigation into the possibility that an airplane wreck briefly raised from the English Channel circa 1987 was the C-64 Norseman in which Glenn Miller was lost. At the time we said, "if our initial review of the case indicates that there is no chance that the wreck Mr. Fisher saw was the Miller Norseman, we'll write a report and leave it at that. If nothing disqualifying turns up and it looks like interviews and archival research in England are warranted, we'll put together a research trip for next summer and welcome the participation of Sponsor Team Members. We would begin planning for a discovery/recovery expedition only if there appears to be a reasonable chance of success."

Although it took longer than we expected, contributions to the Glenn Miller Research Fund made it possible for us to conduct a thorough review and "TIGHAR Investigative Report, Phase 1: What Really Happened to Glenn Miller" is included in the October issue of TIGHAR Tracks. Spoiler Alert: We're proceeding to Phase 2, a research expedition to England.

What in HELL can the "TIGHAR Researhers find that hasn't already been found after all these years. This is no more than a desperate attempt to continue TIGHAR's funding of a non profit corporation for the benefit of making the Gillespie's a living, in my opinon.

Jesus Ric, let Glenn Miller rest in peace.

"Caveat Emptor" folks, let the "buyers" into this charade beware.
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