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Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:18 pm

Earhart Search PNG

Of course Fleet 16B follows the searches for Earhart, he's hooked on it and can't give it away. He's been posting for years about it and disparaging all in sundry who continue to search. He even probably has a theory of his own but is too shy to produce it..... Not interested and doesn't follow AE Searches ? Baloney.

Fleet16b wrote:Sorry I don't follow ufo sightings and I don't follow the AE Search .
It so happens that I follow WIX and the AE crap keeps rearing itself , so its hard not to notice

Your ink blob in the first post looks nothing close to being an aircraft
You guys are grasping at straws
Ill be the first to say I was wrong if this latest "expedition " finds her
However I will say that looking near and around Howland is more realistic than the theories
that David Billings and TIGHAR keep pushing.

Fleet, put your sword away and just quietly follow the news about the Earhart searches....as you like to do, don't be ashamed of your interest. Oh, one request. No matter how "unrealistic" you believe the Earhart search on New Britain is....

Please do not mention me in the same sentence with TIGHAR.

Surely you know my opinion of TIGHAR by now, you've been following the posts on WIX for years.... I have been mainly self-funded, it is only recently I have been holding out a begging bowl but sadly I've not filled it yet, so please, again, do not link me with TIGHAR. Thankyou so much.

Regards to all who read and like to follow Earhart and Noonan searches, even you Fleet 16B

David Billings

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:44 pm

good to know you are out there watching, david. hope all is well.

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:21 pm

The very expensive crash and sink and Nikumaroro ideas will conclude 2017 with another fail. Tested over and over again. Time for the study of untested alternatives to begin in earnest: New Britain PNG and Orona.

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:08 pm

Earhart Search PNG

From what TIGHAR has just posted, Mr. Gillespie is not even going to Niku this year, he is leaving it in the hands of the Betchart Cruise and the tourists and a few TIGHAR Members, scheduled for late June and into July...and they will be under the guidance of his finder of fossils, Dr. King. This will be a search of the seawater "throat" between the beach and the lagoon.

We await the result of the Eustace/Nauticos underwater search which is the most expensive of the lot in my estimation. The 2009 Ted Waitt Search reportedly cost US$9 Million and revealed one 50 gallon drum and presumably, some fish.

I will be going to East New Britain again in early June this year. I am armed a little more on this attempt with some information that came our way in 2011 and a recollection of mine from 1996. If there are those interested enough in the evidence I present in the website, now is the time to help, aid and assist.


David Billings

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:58 pm

A simple symmetry study indicates this could be Amelia Earhart's plane. I selected 7 points I thought were major airframe components; nose, right engine/prop hub, tail, etc. Lines were drawn point to point and lenghts measured using the GE ruler. Similarly the same points are selected on the overhead sketch of the L10E. 7 points ( 7!=6+5+4+3+2+1=21) provide 21 lines. The 21 lines are compared to all other lines to find the corresponding ratio(s). The 21 lines permit (21!= 20+19+18+.........3+2+1= 210) two hundred and ten ( 210 ) ratio comparisons. Then the ratio(s) of the GE image are compared against the similar ratio(s) of the L10E sketch. The results generally are in agreement +/- 7%. Many are exactly the same.

For those readers who might find some merit in the possibility this could be the plane, be encouraged by the fact that a very few knowledgeable aviation persons agree ( on at least two other forums ) it could be the L10E or similar twin tailed Lockheed designed plane.

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:04 pm

Here are the seven subjective points referenced in the symmetry study.

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Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:26 pm

Just to the right of the point B in the image, one can see the blue reflection of the curving left wingtip. The reflection is created by bright sunlight streaming down and bouncing off the coral sand, up to the underside of the wing (barren of marine growth), then reflected down to the sand and back up to the camera above. The blue color is the result of the extra distance traveled in seawater and the added adsorption of reds and yellow component of sunlight.

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:11 pm

The Nauticos expedition has ended. They didn't find the plane. I wish All that talent and all that money could be put to work on Orona. Can't be done of course. I think of how many great airplanes could be restored with the money spent?

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:22 pm

Tom Maxwell wrote:The Nauticos expedition has ended. They didn't find the plane. I wish All that talent and all that money could be put to work on Orona. Can't be done of course. I think of how many great airplanes could be restored with the money spent?
Clive Cussler said that more treasure has been spent trying to find sunken treasure than actual treasure found. Still, I am always curious about finds of note. Cussler always does a LOT of research before his NUMA team seeks a lost wreck. One great example of that is the ship he found under a parking lot on Galveston island. In case you haven't read up on his real life NUMA team, he's written The sea Hunters I & II. With the advances in side sonar technology, maybe Cussler can look into where Amelia's plane is and isn't.

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:26 pm

Clive Cussler is just the sort of innovative writer/explorer fitted to actually find and document Amelia's L10E in the lagoon at Orona. Currently all exploration is blocked by the Nikumaroro research group.

The AE mystery is a complex story similar to many of Cusslers novels. But it's not fiction. Speculation follows: The capture and imprisonment of the American fliers will be documented once the aircraft wreck is investigated in-situ. The chronicles of WWII vets on Saipan and Roi-Namur, the stories of Marshellese natives, and Saipan Chamorro verbal history will someday be verified by letters and diaries of the Japanese soldiers who were station on Roi and at Saipan. Amelia was held on Roi for many years in relative comfort under IJN protection. It has been said that many dead men would be required to conceal such a secret; this is exactly the case as most of the Japanese defenders at Roi and Saipan perished in the liberation of the islands.

Many questions about Mr. Jones, the overseer at Hull remain unanswered. The AE mystery is not as simple as crash and sink.

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:28 pm

The dogfight over the Nikumaroro bones continues on the WIX Hanger thread....so I must add that if the flyers survived, according to the Gardner Island theory, the food and water for survival would be ready at hand. When I was on Canton Island in the 1973, fresh fish were abundant. The flyers could have survived by simply throwing a sharp stick into the schools of fish, mullet primarily, on the reef flats. The stick could also be used to gig octopus and lobster in the shallow reef flat pockets. Birds eggs could be had on the windward side of any Phoenix island. Clams up to 16 inches dotted the reef flat. Fresh water in the coconuts were abundant. The skeleton remains of a person found on the islands means the dead body washed ashore by storm or was placed there by others. A person deserted on the Phoenix Islands could survive and sustain themselves for many years. Otherwise, the person must have sustained great injury and died as a result of....a plane crash..and evidence of that crash would be apparent to any investigation. No such evidence is found at Nikumaroro.

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:54 am

The BS bones theory is rearing its head again ..... TIGHAR must be running out of funds again
I cant believe this load of crap story keeps reappearing in the press
It is about time that TIGHAR is taken to task for the fraud they repeatedly commit

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:43 pm

The short video clip here https://youtu.be/GqiaPnCkEow shows Amelia, George, and Paul Mantz checking and loading stuff for the world flight. Midway through, George carries the raft into the scene. Paul and Amelia unzip the carry bag and Paul pulls the raft from the bag. Paul, a man of slightly less than average height, hoists the raft with arms outstretched, above his head to a height of I guess of 6' 4". He grasps the raft a few inches from the extreme end. So maybe the extreme of the raft is 6' 6" above floor level. As the raft unfurls about 1 1/2 feet remain on the floor- my guess. So overall the interior length is near 8'. We can't tell what the inflated length would be as the perimeter float doesn't unfurl. This is a two man raft as opposed to the single person raft Amelia is pictured with on her Vega/Atlantic flight. When the Google Earth ruler is used to measure the raft (my subjective interpretation) in the 2006 Orona image, the result after dividing by 1.33, is 8 feet for the interior dimension

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Fri Feb 01, 2019 3:47 pm

The still image I've seen of the plane at Buka looks like a B-25. Has anyone seen a bettor image- overall debris field? I wonder why Mr. Snavely hasn't released more images. The investigative group Project Blue Angel seems to have known about the location for some time.

Re: Is it an Airplane? B25? Amelia's L10E?

Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:02 pm

The Blue Angel Project

There are only the photos as seen in the video, that have been published, as far as I am aware. To me, using the diver as a scale, the coral encrusted wreckage looks too big to be an Electra. Surely they must have counted the propeller blades ?

The website that tabulates all the missing USN Venturas lists an awful lot of losses and there are at least seven Venturas lost in the Solomons area. Bur No. 33254 is listed as ditching 20 miles from the BUKA Passage, the narrow strait between BUKA Island nd BOUGAINVILLE Island but the bearing is at 200 degrees from the Passage and an F4U supposedly saw it go down. Mr. Snavely's wreck is north of that location.

Other Venturas missing in that region are 33214, 33253, 33285, 29854, 34928 and 24637. From what I can see in the data, USN and USMC Venturas operated from the RUSSELL Islands, TOROKINA/PIVA, MUNDA and maybe GUADALCANAL (Henderson), so there was a lot of Ventura activity in The Solomons.

Mr. Snavely remarks that divers can see "aluminum boxes" inside his wreck which is interesting. Bear in mind Venturas also had fuselage Tanks as well as the missing 10E.

Mr. Snavely comments that the wreck configuration is correct, which I suppose includes the twin tail and twin engine. but that applies to quite a few types in that area including RAAF and RNZAF Hudsons and would also apply to the Japanese Thelma/Thalia types if the Japanese used those transports in The Solomons but I can't find evidence that they did. If a Mitchell, the cranked wing would surely give it away.

Regards, DB.
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