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Researching the 454th Bombardment Group and all 4 Squadrons

Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:52 am

Hi ,
My name is Randy and I'm doing research for an informative book on the 454th Bombardment Group which consist of 4 Squadrons (736th, 737th, 738th and the 739th). A lot of the records were stored in the National Archives which were destroyed by a fire there. There's only bits and pieces of files I've acquired from Maxwell AFB here in Alabama where part of the records are now stored. I've been working 2 going on three years trying to match crews and bombers that flew out of San Giovanni Field in Cerignola, Italy in World War 2. If any of you have relatives that served with the 454th Bomb Group and have photos you can share or crew info, I would greatly appreciate any help I can find to fill the gaps of info missing.
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