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This forum is for discussions pertaining to Air Racing and Aerobatics of NON-Warbird aircraft. In addition this is the place to discuss General Aviation aircraft topics and yes Michael, that includes flying Lawnmowers :)
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for sale 12 60's air race postcards, reno nv, unused

Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:53 am

for sale 12 60's reno air race postcards unused - all standard postcard sized, all b&w as follows....f-51 screaming off the deck past pylon #19 n5452 dave allender.

f -51, #64, clay lacy

f- 51, seattle miss #2 ben hall

f-51 #49 e.d. weiner n335

f-51 #15 dick weaver

f-51 bob hoover n2251d screaming off the deck past pylon, a legend who recently past away

f-51 #9 n332 russ schleeh

sport biplane, pilot unknown n9614z

f8f bearcat #10 walt ohlrich

f8f bearcat #1 darryl greenamyer

f-51 # 2nd pic of #19 dave allender aircraft parked

f-51 pace plane bob hoover

all 12 for $10.00 + postage
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