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over 100 rare books for auction!

Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:03 am

Hi - auctioning off some rare and not so rare books on eBay - All located in UK, all start at £0.99 regardless of rarity, and I ship worldwide! 100% positive feedback built up over 10 years.

Here's the first 65, another 60 to be listed later today:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/sirskunkalot/ ... 7675.l2562

EA-6B Prowler - In Detail & Scale vol.46

Grumman EA-6A Intruder / EA-6B Prowler - Aerofax Minigraph

EA-6B Prowler - Squadron Signal Walk Around No.35

P-51 Mustang - In Detail & Scale vol.51 - part 2

B-36 In Action - Squadron Signal Aircraft In Action No.42

Fairey Swordfish & Albacore - Crowood Aviation

Bristol Blenheim - Theo Boiten - Crowood Aviation

A-20 Havoc In Action - Squadron Signal Aircraft In Action

Bendix Turrets & Sperry Computing Gunsights manuals x5

The (Avro) Lancaster Manual - RAF Museum Series

Valley Of The Shadow Of Death - Bomber Command Campaign

F-8 Crusader pt.1 - Development / Testing / Foreign Users - Naval Fighters

F-8 Crusader pt.2 - Navy & Marine RF-8 Photo-Recon Sqns - Naval Fighters

F-8 Crusader pt.3 - Marine Fighter Sqns. - Naval Fighters

F-8 Crusader pt.4 - Navy Fighter Sqns. - Naval Fighters

North American A-5A / RA-5C Vigilante - Naval Fighters

World War II B-24 'Snoopers' - Stephen M. Perrone

Wildcats Over Casablanca - Nov 1942 Operation Torch

Sun Downers - VF-11 In World War II - Barrett Tillman

Marine Mitchells In World War 2

Jigger, Tinplate & Redcross - The 359th Fighter Group in WWII

The Relucant Raiders - USN Bombing Sqn VB/VPB-109 in WWII

Bats Outa Hell Over Biak

The Mighty Eighth In Art - Roger Freeman

A-26 Invader In Action - Squadron Signal Aircraft In Action

Scorpion's Sting - The Story of No.84 Sqn. RAF - Air Britain

Cats have Only Nine Lives - Bryan Cox

Typhoon Types - Mike Flanagan - Hawker Typhoon

Never A Dull Moment - At Supermarine, A Personal History

Folland Gnat - Sabre Slayer & Red Arrow - Victor Bingham

Australian Air Aces - Australian Fighter Pilots In Combat

Belgian Civil Aircraft Since 1920 - An Illustrated Register

Highest Traditions - History of No.2 Sqn RAAF - John Bennett

Focke Wulf Fw-190 part 1 - Kagero Monographs

Focke Wulf Fw-190 part 2 - Kagero Monographs

The Jasta War Chronology - Complete Claims & Losses

The French Air Service Chronology - Complete Claims & Losses

The Sky Their Battlefield - Complete Allied Air Casualty lists

Casualties Of The German Air Service 1914 - 1920

Nieuport 28 - Jon Guttman - Windsock Datafile No.36

Spad 13.C1 - J.M. Bruce - Windsock Datafile No.32

DFW C.V - P.M.Grosz - Windsock Datafile No.53

AEG G.IV- P.M.Grosz - Windsock Datafile No.51

Aviatik D.I - P.M.Grosz - Windsock Datafile No.45

Pfalz D.XII - P.M.Grosz - Windsock Datafile No.41

Rumpler C.I - P.M.Grosz - Windsock Datafile No.79

Albatros D.II - Ray Rimell - Windsock Datafile No.11

Hannover CL.III - P.M. Grosz - Windsock Datafile No.23

Rumpler C.IV - P.M. Grosz - Windsock Datafile No.35

Ansaldo SVA - Gregori Alegi - Windsock Datafile No.40

Rumpler D.I - Windsock Mini Datafile No.14

Spad S.A-2 / S.A-4 - Windsock Mini Datafile No.4

Nieuport Fighters vol.1 - J.M. Bruce - Windsock Datafile Special

Fokker D.VII Anthology 1 - Windsock Datafile Special

Fokker D.VII Anthology 2 - Windsock Datafile Special

Fokker D.VII In Action - Squadron Signal Aircraft In Action

Fokker D.VII Aces of World War I part 1 - Franks / VanWyngarden

Ace Profiles No.3 - Manfred Von Richthofen

World War 2 Luftwaffe Fighter Modelling Guide - Osprey

Jagdgeschwader 300 'Wilde Sau' vol.1 - Eagle Editions

Jet Planes Of The Third Reich - Smith & Creek - Monogram

French Aircraft Of The First World War

Adolf Galland - The First & The Last / A Pilot's Life (signed) box set

Jagdverband 44 Squadron Of Experten (signed) - Robert Forsyth

Battle Of Britain - A Photographic Kaleidoscope vol.3
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