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National Victory Flyover Photo Opportunity

Sun Mar 15, 2015 11:55 am

For those of that may not have hard there are big plans in the works for flyover of the DC area on May to commemorate VE Day. Several groups in conjunction with the National Capital squadron are working very hard to bring together an unprecedented collection of flying aircraft- with the goal of 1 of every type the US flew in the war, for a very special fly by over Washington DC on Friday May 8th.

The majority of the aircraft will be basing out of the squadrons home at Culpeper airport. Due to the logistics and security concerns of the event it will most likely not be possible to open the airport and collection to the general public*(we are looking into but no promises at the moment), HOWEVER there is a discussion about setting up a sunrise Photo Pass access to the field, most likely on that Thursday morning before the vent.

While just in the planning stages at the moment as we are working out the logistics- it would be helpful to know how many folks would be interested in rare this opportunity Obviously if we only se a few people show interest it may not possible to make it happen, but if we could get 15-20 folks that are seriously interested - we are still working out the cost per person (Final price will be determined by interest as- more people better cost) but really need to know it there is enough interest to make possible to pull it off. Keep in mind that this could be the only chance to get up and close and personal with this historic lineup and unlike most airshows there will not be a throng of people to get in your way of taking some great pictures.

If this something you may seriously be interested in please send me an IM with our contact info (And feel free to comment but really need the IM )

Re: National Victory Flyover Photo Opportunity

Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:15 pm

Sorry if this against any rules but Steve I PM'ed as I would be interested in participating in this event. My problem is that I'm not sure what you mean by an IM. If there is some way to communicate please let me know. Thank you.

Re: National Victory Flyover Photo Opportunity

Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:01 pm

Hi All - things are moving forward on this and I am happy to provide some additional details

We are going to allow access to the ramp on Thursday Morning may 7 from 5:30am to 8:00am. Unfortunatley security regulations for the event prohibit us from keeping it open any longer, but this is still going to be a great opportunity and one that most of the general public will not have.

the cost will be 50 per persona and the is geared to Photographers. I am not against non photographers joining in but you will still be limited to the hours above and you will be expected to check in by 6 at the latest.

There will be a limited number of positions available for this and we expect them to go fast. This event is rain or shine and preference will be given to those willing to pay up front. The payment will be considered a donation to the national capital squadron. Currently I am working out the kings of the payment system and hope to have that info to you in another day.

For those that have previously messaged or emailed me I will send out a direct email later this evening. For those that have not please send me you info as in IM on this bard and I will email you back.

thanks and look forward to seeing you bright and early on the 7.
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