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B-47 hulk at Elmendorf AFB query correction.

Thu May 28, 2020 10:43 am

Re my recent request for info on the B-47 hulk at Elmendorf AFB (scrapped in 1977): my apologies for my typo "...over 400 crashes..." reference, regarding the losses in that type's history. I believe the figure for crashes was something over 200, which is still incredible by any standard. The one shown in my query photo was reportedly written-off from structural damage upon landing.

Paul Tibbetts, while testing one of the B-47 prototypes for Boeing, at Wichita, described looping and rolling it -- quite a departure from the limited, rolling course-reversal maneuvers he developed for the B-29s, to lessen
the atomic blast effects on the Enola Gay.

Thank you,

Dana Nichols
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