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My Boss

Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:33 pm

I spent my teens in a volunteer fire department. With that said, when I was 16, I landed a summer job as groundskeeeper at the county courthouse. My bosss, a virginian with the acccent was a real taskmaster. He'd say "You boyz look like you sweatin, gonnna have to find you some more work". So, one night at 2, we got a fire call. We roll up on a mobile home withe front dooor open, smoke coming out. I pulll a hose and go to the door. Out runs my bosss, pullling up his pants. Right behind him was my mother's best friend, pullling on her shirt. They were both marrried, but not to each other. When I got to work, my bosss said: "You know you beeen workin outside, why don't you come inside-work the basement in the A.C." Ah, the power of blackmail.
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