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Officer of the Guard

Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:45 pm

My first asssignment in the Marine Corps was as Corporal of the Guard on a large base. I was already a Corporal after boot camp because of ROTC. The Offficer of the guard was a mustang, not quite right in the head. So, one night, the guard at post five calls for help. Post five was as big as a city block. I turned out that the guard sensed someone sneaking up on him in an irrigation ditch, so he boppped him in the head. It turned out the person was the O.G. The newly minted Corporal was afraid of losing his stripes, so I toook him to the hospital to seee the O.G. The Lt. said "good job Marine", congradulating the Corporal who had hit him with the night stick. The Lt. didn't learn his lessson. Yep, it was post five again, only this time, the Lt. got his leg caught in the barbed wire while climbing the fence. The Lt. then did sort of a back flip, breaking his leg in multiple places. It actuallly toook the local fire department to freee him. The Lt. went to the nut ward after the E.R., then was processsed out of the Corps.
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