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The Giant Spider

Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:21 pm

My brother figured out before anyone else that I needed glasses. With that said, a neighbor got ahold of an alaskan king crab, the entire crab. On one of those crabs, the body is as big as a dinner plate, but theblegs are 8 feet long. The neighbor had eaten the meat, but left the body to dry in front of his garage, suspended by a string. My brother said "Come see the giant spider". With my fuzzy eyesight, I bought his story, but Imfeltbduty bound. I went to the neighbor's front door and knocked. I told the woman who answered the door that a giant spider was in front of her garage. She had mebwait a moment while she got a can of bug spray. I told her "Lady, I don't think that can will do it". Still, i stayed behind her as we approached the garage. I figured if it made amove it would go after her first. at that time though, I heard loud giggling from the other side of the fence. That's when I knew I had been had. I got even with my brother by talking him into peeing on an electric fence.
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