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Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:08 pm

I worked as basically a building manager for a worldwide petrochemical firm. It had 12 high rises on the north side of Houston. I was in charge of safety, security, and maintenance for those buildings. My boss, the regional manager, was very much a bureaucrat. Because of the maintenance angle, I was on work sites at least three times a week. Becausebof that, I wore boots. Well,a former Army Ranger gets a posting as Director of North American operations. One of his firstbdirectives ws about offfice wear, boots were no longer allowed. I complied with this directive for about two weeks, then went back to wearing boots. About week later, my boss noticed. Shebordered mebto comply with the directive-or else....... A week after that, one of the Executive Vice Presidents saw me on a work site wearing shoes. When he asked, I told him why. He then told me: "You tell Miss Blake, from now on you are to wear boots". I said "Yes sir". The next day, as I passsed her office I said:"Hey___". But before I could say more, she said:"I already got the email!". Snicker snicker.
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