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This section is for discussion of all things military, past or present, that are related to active duty. Armor, Infantry, Navy stuff all welcome here. In service images and stories welcome here.
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Movie Shoot Advice

Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:49 am

I am a new movie producer, working on my first project. For my third project, a war movie, I plan to shoot in the summer of 2020. I will need a collection of planes, airworthy, as there are aerial sequences in both WWI and WW2. Since these planes are scattered coast to coast, the trick will be getting them together in one place (Texas) at one time. I need advice at pulling them off. The list:

Neuport biplane
PBY Catalina (need 2, one with war paint, the other-not)
P-40 (need 2, plus 7 on static display)

Any advice?

Re: Movie Shoot Advice

Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:56 am

Thats a lot of birds. Hope you have a decent sized budget.

I'm sure some home builder in Texas has one.

Texas Flying Legends x2
Commerative Air Force x1
Lewis Air Legends x1

P-40 Static
Maybe the replica P-40s out in California?

Possibly Connie Edwards? Don't think there are any flying PBYs in Texas right now except for his.

Re: Movie Shoot Advice

Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:56 pm

Thank you very much for your help. Yes, at this time my primary budget is 50 million. I also need a B-17, but there's one just down the road where I live. This is going to be a giant project and authenticity willl be important. I'd likebto employ several experts to make sure I get planes, locations, and other details correct (hair styles will be monitored).

Re: Movie Shoot Advice

Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:46 pm

No prob. If I may ask, whats the period that you're trying to recreate with the WWII planes? To me it sounds like a Pearl Harbor scene. (B-17, P-40, PBY).

When you get rolling I'd be more than happy to come on as a historical consultant / logistics. ;)

Re: Movie Shoot Advice

Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:45 pm

Well done detective, yes, you picked the right place, right time. I'm planning to right the wrong that was Pearl Harbor, but it's a fresh new story, fresh angle, with 21st century tie ins. As I stated, authenticity is so important. I'm going to make two mistakes, on purpose, and that will tick off the purists.One is that the protagonist will fly a P-40 instead of a wildcat, but the reason why is that, in my opinion, a P-40 is a much sexier plane. The other mistake is that a certain uniform will be worn in aa fantasy sequence, but the viewers will know it's a fantasy sequence. Other than that, close attention will be paid to haircuts, costumes, paperwork, music, vehicles, and of course-planes. By the way, would love to have you on board as a consultant. I want to get the airfield right.

Re: Movie Shoot Advice

Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:08 pm

If you need some period correct ground crews check these guys out. http://www.arizonagroundcrew.org

Re: Movie Shoot Advice

Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:55 pm

Thanks cco. Someone pm'ed me about them. Absolutely intend to talk to them.

Re: Movie Shoot Advice

Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:44 pm

Well then if the plan is to do a Pearl Harbor related story the first P-40 I'd try and get is Lewis Air Legends. Their P-40C is an accurate one that would have been present at the time of the attack and is also painted in Pearl Harbor markings. They also have an early F4F Wildcat that is equally accurate for 1941.

I'd also consider using the Texas Flying Legends Zero. There wildcat and x2 P-40s could be used too but would require repaints.

A B-17E (that would have been present at Pearl Harbor) would be tricky. Best case secaniro is wait until this B-17 is done and flying.

Or contract The Movie Memphis Belle which is up at the National Warplane Museum and is still owned by the Tallichet estate. It's a G backdated to an F that's pretty close looking to an E.

Authentic looking PBY in Pearl Harbor markings will be tricky. There is one flying in similar markings in Greece by a group called Athenian Airlift Services.

Re: Movie Shoot Advice

Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:54 pm

Thanks WK. I looked at the Texas Flying Legends, saw their P-40's. We'd have to do a repaint of them for the movie. I know they put a lot of thought into their paint jobs. Of course, I plan to respect everyone involved in the movie effort. I've seen movie crews borrow expensive vehicles and thoughtlesssly leave them unguarded on streets at night. Yeah, the PBYwill be tricky., especially gettting it all the way to Texas. As far as Zeroes, I'm going to need the Tora Tora Tora flying group, as well as the zero owned by TFL. I still have three years to go until shooting the project, but I am a meticulous planner. Thanks, and let's stay in touch.

Re: Movie Shoot Advice

Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:40 pm

About the B-17, thevone down the road from me will fit the bill. They sell rides (350.000), but the colors and markings. are right. In reference to the shoot, because of new technology, we will be able to put cameras in cockpits and use 3-d shooting to makebthe dogfightsdizzzying and intense to the viewer, not to mention making the movie more marketable. My main prints will be in 2D, but the 3D willl be for IMAX theaters and such-therefore making the IMAX movies an experience for the thrill seekers. Also, the 3D aspect willl have a theme park tie in. Yes, I've put a lot of thought into the movie. It's a romance movie, a war movie, and a Christmas movie. Most of all, it's a how grandma met grandpa movie. My hopes andbprayers are that it will be a HUGE hit.
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