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Station Combatant Course, ‘Backers-up’

Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:55 am

A lady has queried her fathers past in the R.A.F. serving in India during WW2. The inquiry was this, what is the Station Combatant Course, ‘Backers-up’. I think it is to do with a training course in the R.A.F. Regiment.

I have got the reason for this course from an ex R.A.F. tech and that is that they trained ground staff on the R.A.F. airfield in ground combat to save the airfield from attack. The 'Backers-up' was used as a term by the training officer and could be changed by other officers at other airfields. Eventually a R.A.F. regiment in 1942 took over this task and is still part of the R.A.F. today.
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