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Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin tool roll

Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:07 pm

I got hold of an old greasy canvas tool roll with a bunch of old 40's wrenches in it. A flap on this roll is marked with a "map" of where all the tools go and it reads "CHECK YOUR TOOLS" It is also marked with "Packard - Rolls Royce Merlin". All the tool numbers are in the series "AT-8000" or close to it. I have 3 or 4 that match these numbers. The rest are 30's-40's or older open end wrenches that are not aircraft tools but nice ones anyway.

Does anyone have a "good" one of these rolls? Or a list of tools that were in the tool kit? Mine is kind of beat and it's hard to read all the numbers. I would like to know what went in it. I collect old engine tools and stuff like Air Ministry whitworth "spanners". They even fit my BSA!

I was wondering if any of the repro R-R Merlin manuals had a list of tools. By the drawings, it looks like this was full of single open end wrenches, a few combo wrenches and the rest were "special" tools like "C-spanners".

Thanks for your help. Dave

Sat Sep 26, 2009 11:35 am

You are probably going to find that some of the tools 'spanners' are British Standard, Whitworth or a combination of the two. We kept the Snatchoff guy in lunch money running MERLINS in the boat because of the mix of bolt designs used on the engines, it got easier when we went to ALLISONS because it was all good old SAE stuff-and the engine itself was much more robust 8)

Re: Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin tool roll

Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:51 pm

AeroTRrat wrote:Does anyone have a "good" one of these rolls?

Ya mean like this?





Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:52 pm





Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:00 am

YES. Of the tools I got in the roll, there were BS, AF, W and US "inch" marked tools. Only a few had the AT marks -correct for the tool roll. There are some "BA" marked little guys that make up an ignition/mag set that are british.

I know I ruined many whitworth bolt heads back when I started working on british bikes and cars. Then I found it was easier to get a set of EVERYTHING in wrenches and the work got a heck of a lot easier. Those first sets turned out to be British Air Ministry, 40's dated tools.

Of tools that I collect, some of the 20's-30's US wrenches are the most frustrating since many have no marks at all. no size. nothing, but you can tell the good ones from the bad ones just by picking them up.

ZRX61- your set looks far cleaner than mine. The drawing on yours is much clearer. I do have some of the correct flat, single end wrenches. Thanks for posting all the photos. Do you think there are many of these tool rolls around?

Thanks again for the help, Dave

Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:12 am

That one belongs to the guy I work with, it came out of the Phillipines.

Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:17 pm

I looked at my tool roll last night and it is slightly different that the one in the photos. Where the photo roll says "V-1650-3-7". Mine says "Merlin-86-89, or 83-86" I think... the numbers are a bit hard to read. The kit number at the top is different too.
I found some marks on one of the wrenches that have the AT-8000 numbers and they indicate that the wrench could have been made by "Bonny" during the war years. I think Bonny was all US made stuff... but it is a Whitworth wrench.

I have to find more tools that are correct for this roll. Having an obsession for old tools leads to a lot of jokes and "deflection shots" that most people can't resist taking. If they only knew about the "King Dick" wrenches I've got.

Re: Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin tool roll

Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:46 pm

Cool stuff. I have a foot locker full of old round motor tools. I used to have an AT6 service roll like that complete with grease and grease gun.

Re: Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin tool roll

Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:07 pm

Was moving stuff in ther hangar a couple of days ago & spotted a tool roll like the Merlin one, but for F86's :)

Re: Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin tool roll

Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:51 pm

newbie here.

I have a RR-Merlin Packard built tool roll. Its old, greasy, tatty, but pretty near complete, and has in it what look to me to be a nice set of snap-on whitworth combination wrenches. They are identical in every way to a more recent snap-on whitworth wrench but they are not marked as snap-on, being (I presume) war production.

Does anyone know if these are stock items in this tool kit, and if they are known to be gneuine snap-on wrenches?



Re: Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin tool roll

Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:17 pm

OK, update....

I've done a little research and the 'Snap-On' style wrenches in my KIT are also marked up with stamps like 'WOEX100' for the 1/4" whitworth version which as far as I can tell unequivocally identifies them as genuine Snap-On items.

My kit is missing the tappet adjuster, the crow's foot wrenches, and the special spanner with the four lugs on it. BUT nearly everything else in my AT 9211 kit (which appears to be similar but more extensive than the AT 9212 kit) is present. If of intererst I can make a listing of kit items by ATxxxx number.


Re: Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin tool roll

Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:40 pm

very cool! Thanks for sharing!


Re: Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin tool roll contents- long...

Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:10 pm

Packard built Rolls Royce Merlin Toolkit ref AT-9211 contents list. Please note

that my kit is not complete and the parts I have are not all in perfect condition,

so there will be omissions for sure and perhaps some errors where I cannot read

the identifying marks correctly. I do not know the manufacturing date, (I'm

guessing 1942 - 1948) but I would hope that someone can estimate this better than

I can from the engine designation.

General description: The Kit comes in a stout canvas roll in dark green with

stitched (square weave) edging and a securing strap/buckle. The roll is ~46" long

by 23" wide, with an overall shape that is roughly a trapezium (with the sharpest

corners further truncated) when unfurled. The roll has a total of 25 pockets; 19

of varying size along the lower edge, and six smaller ones set above the others

in a short row to the left of the open roll. I shall refer to the latter as P1-P6,

and the former as P7-P25. A small (~9" x 8") edged section of paler coloured

canvas is overprinted with a kit listing diagram, black markings over white paint.

This folds out from the main canvas panel, and is normally stored face inwards to

the main roll, so that the diagram is less likely to become damaged or dirty. When

the roll is stowed, the top edge folds over, leaving a roll ~ 5" diameter and ~

14" long.



listing diagram. The diagram itself has a reference number marked in the lower RH

corner in this case AT8610 (I think).

Kit contents, by pocket:

Note; P1-P25 indicates pocket location, DOE = Double Open Ended Wrench, SOE =

Single Open Ended Wrench, DRS = Double Ring Spanner (or Box-ended wrench in US

English, I think), COM = combination wrench, Ob = Obstruction Wrench, WP = water

pump style wrench, with a partial ring end having typically 7 points from 12-point

broach present. Tool finish indicated as (B) unplated, (D) dull plated finish,

cadmium or zinc most likely, (Cr) chrome plated. Tool markings are indicated in

each case (F) front, (R) rear, (s) side. Identification of small tools is made

problematic since it seems likely that (unlike the larger ones in the kit) small

ones may not all be stamp-marked with the ATxxxx reference number.

P1, AT8002: DOE, ~1/4" AF (est). This part may be missing from my kit.

P2, AT8408: COM, ~1/4" AF (est). This part may be missing from my kit.

P3, AT8036: Feeler gauge set (B).'AT8036' (F). Straight-knurled flat barrel

thumbwheel. Nine blades, '020', '002','003','004', '005', '006', '008',

'010','012'. Tool ID is stamped, but blade lettering is deep acid etched, with

numeral '0' as a square with radiused corners.

P4, ATxxxx: 3.5" adjustable spanner. Missing from my kit, listing mark obscured,

not present in later AT9212 kit.

P5, AT8049: DOE (B),'.448,3/16 WHIT AT8049 1/8 WHIT, .338'(F), 'ARMSTRONG,


P6, AT803(1?): 3/8" drive UJ (D). 'MADE IN USA, F-80, Snap-on' (S)

(underscore-type 'Snap-on' logo). Light straight-knurl to top edge. Side

through-drilling for detent ball in socket end, male end detent ball is fitted in

a blind drilling. OD is ~5/8", i.e. somwhat slimmer than some more recent versions

of this tool.

P6, AT8019: 3/8 drive spark plug socket (D). ' 812 AT 8019' (S). Shallow 12-point

broach (~7mm depth) to burr-less internal shoulder. May well have had rubber plug

retainer originally; the internal shoulder would retain such an item. Side through

drilling for detent ball, no knurling. Overall fit, finish, and stamping is

suggestive that this is a Snap-On item or similar quality.

P7, AT8903: ~5/32" dia. 'L' shaped tool. Maybe an allen key or more likely a

cranked tommy bar. This part is missing from my kit.

P7, AT8031: 5/32" dia. 2.25" long tommy bar. 'AT8031' (S) NB. these markings are

so small they can hardly be seen.

P8, AT8050: DRS (D), 12-point broach with ~ 3/8" crank at each end, ~5" length.

'338, 1/8 W, 3/16 W 448' (F), 'AT-8050' (R). The style, finish and stamping on

this wrench strongly suggest manufacture by 'PLOMB'.

P9, AT8004: 5/32" Whitworth COM (D), ~15 degree offset both ends, 12 point broach

to ring (box), ~5.125" long.'5/32 W-AT-8004, WOEX704' (F). This wrench is

identical in style and dimensions to even modern Snap-on wrenches, and the 'WOEX'

marking identifies it as Snap-on manufacture.

P10, AT8005: 7/16" COM (D), ~15 degree offset both ends, 12-point broach to ring,

~5" length. '-BARCALO BUFFALO U.S.A.-, -7/16-' (F), 'AT 8005' (R). This wrench has

the classic BARCALO raised lozenge section on the shank (both sides) which carries

the stamped markings, and has a rough finish immediately adjacent.

P11, AT8054: (3/8 Whit) WP (D). This is robust tool with a 9/16" width head and

shank diameter. Tool is ~4.5" long. '3/8W 708 AT-8054' (F), '9' (R). Stamping is

suggestive of manufacture by 'PLOMB'.

P12, AT8007: 1/4W COM (Cr). 1/4W version of tool AT-8004 but with chrome finish.

'1/4W-AT-8007, WOEX100' (F), '.525' (R). This is another Snap-on wrench, and when

new would have been as well finished as their current offerings.

P13, AT8052: 9/16" COM (D). Larger version of tool AT8005 with similar markings

and finish.

P14, AT8008: 5/16W COM (D). Larger version of tool AT8007 with similar markings. I

have two of these wrenches and one is marked '5/16W-AT-8008, WOEX110 (F), '.601'

(R). The other is identical but lacks the WOEX110 mark.

P15, AT8009: 3/8W COM (D). Larger version of AT8007 with '5/16W-AT-8009, WOEX120'

and '.701' marking .

P16, AT8050: Adjustable peg spanner (B). 5/32" dia, 3/16" length pegs on ~6"

length 'divider style' legs with simple riveted friction pivot. 'AT-8050, NO.482


tool length 6.25".

P17, AT8061: Adjustable lockring wrench (C-spanner) (B). 'AT-8061, 471, 3/4"-2IN.


P17, AT8028: as above, but larger with '472' and '1 1/4"-3IN.' markings where


P18: All P18 contents missing from my kit. So far as I can judge there are 11

items in this pocket: AT8062 is a large (~8" length) 'safety pin' style clip which

retains the other ten tools. As depicted these appear to be (from top to bottom)

AT8015: a small (est ~3/8" AF) 3/8" drive socket.AT8064,AT8044, AT8051 appear to

be crowsfoot wrenches to fit 3/8" drive tools.AT9209 is a 6 or 8 -lugged lockring

or flange wrench, to fit a radially slotted face. AT9217, AT8014, AT8017, AT8018

all sem to be small-ish 3/8" drive sockets, and finally AT8040 appearsto be a

hexagonal adaptor of some kind.

P19, AT8022: Missing from my kit, a 3/8" drive reversible ratchet of essentially

modern pattern. From the profile it is most reminiscent of 'PLOMB' (later 'PROTO')

tools I have seen.

P19, AT8021: Sliding 3/8" drive 'T' bar with central detent groove (D). No

markings asides from AT8021. This tool has a distinctive feature of small notches

which engage with the stop-pins in the T bar at the extreme settings. These mean

that the T bar cannot rotate in the slider when the tool is set to each extreme.

This may help identify it correctly, but from the stamping quality, I'm guessing

its another 'PLOMB' item.

P20, AT8023: 11 3/16" length 3/8" drive extension bar. The original finish was an

exceptional quality polish, with a lacquer coating and no plating. The shaft is

~17/32" diameter and is plain. The socket end is ~21/32" diameter, and has a light

crossed knurl in a shallow groove ~1/8" wide set ~1/8" down from the end. It is

marked 'MADE IN U.S.A. , B22, AT8023'. The detent ball is set into a blind

drilling. The square socket broach has delicately radius-relieved corners. There

is no maker's mark but the 'Made in USA' stamping is identical to that on the

marked Snap-on parts in this kit so I'm guessing that is what it is.

P20, AT8029: 8" 'Diamond brand' adjustable spanner (crescent wrench) (B). ' 8"


DULUTH, MINN. 9/16 ' (R), AT8029 (S). This is an ordinary wrench but is identified

as a kit part by the side stamp which is not very clear as it is on a curved

surface. This wrench has a 9/16" 12-point broach in the end-eye, which I

understand identifies it as a 1940's example of this model wrench.

P21, AT8066: 1/2W SOE (D). 'AT8066 1/2W .919' (F), 'CHROME-VANADIUM (CV)' (R).

This wrench is of a pattern similar to others in later pockets. It has a 3/16"

thickness head with ground sides, and a rough-finish handle with a slight taper

from ~7/8" to 5/8" width and a rounded end. The head end is offset by 30 degrees.

Although there are faint die marks near the rounded end, it is not clear what

manufacturer made this tool.

P21, AT8067: 5/8W SOE (D). 'AT8067 5/8W 1.101' (F), This wrench is to the same

basic pattern as AT8066 butis clearly of different manufacture. The 'AT8067' mark

is identical in form to AT8004, AT8007, AT8008 etc. The '5/8W' mark is in the same

distinctive style as used on every modern Snap-on wrench I've seen, so I'm

guassing that it what it is.

P22, AT8068: 11/16W SOE (D). 'AT-8068 11/16 W 1.201'. Comments as above,

manufacturer unknown. There is a second identically marked wrench in my set, but

this one has been ground out to 1.375"AF size.

P22, AT9265: 11/16W SOE Ob (D). 'AT-9265 1.201 11/16 W' (F). This obstruction

wrench has a 100 degree head offset, with a 1/2" crank and a 20 degree plane

handle. The 'AT-9265' mark is proud of the handle, not stamped. Manufacturer


P23, AT8053: 3/8W 11/16W DOE (D). ' .709 3/8W AT8053 CHROME-VANADIUM (CV) 7/16 W

.820 ' (F), . Manufacturer unknown. 'CHROME-VANADIUM (CV)' mark proud of handle.

P23, AT8010: 1/2W 7/16W DOE (D). ' .919 1/2W AT-8010 7/16W .820 '(F). On the

rear face there is a 'B' mark set into a shield shape.

P24, AT9243: 1-1/8"AF SOE (D). 'AT-9243 G.U 1-1/8 ' (F). 'AT-9243' mark is

proud of handle, manufacturer unknown.

P24, AT9244: 1-1/4AF SOE (D). 'AT9244 1-1/4' (F). Stamped marking, manufacturer

unknown. Larger wrenches in this series are thicker, up to 9/32"thickness.

P25, AT8349; large peg spanner (D), ~9" long, with 7/32" dia pegs with broad

shouldered standoffs set 1-31/32" (~50mm) apart. Although a dull plated finish, it

is lighter colour than many others in this kit.

P25, AT8011; 5/8W 9/16W DOE (D). '1.101 5/8W AT-8011 9/16W 1.011 ' (F) 'B' (R) in

shield as per AT8010. However all marks apart from 1.101/1.011 are proud of

handle,not stamped.

P25, AT8063; ~1-3/4"AF SOE wrench, missing from my kit. Marking not clear so

AT8063 may not be correct.

P25, AT 8030; peculiar 'U' shaped tool. Missing from my set, identity and purpose


P25, AT8027: tappet adjuster tool, missing from my kit. Likely to be 'Plomb' or

Snap-on type as both were common and of the style depicted.

In addition to the wrenches listed above, there were about another 12 or so

wrenches of USA and UK origin in my kit when I got it. Most of these are obviously

wrong but a few of the smaller ones (by J.H. Williams, 'Plomb' etc) may be kit

correct (e.g. the missing ones from P1, P2 etc), but not marked with the relevant

ATxxxx number. One wrench is a thin section (9 from 12 point) 1" 'waterpump'

superwrench by williams and is stamped 8932 with no AT.

congratulations if you read to the end of this list without losing the will to live, as soon as I'd started the list I regretted it as I knew it would be very long. Many of the tools are the same as those listed for the other kit in this thread , but not all.

if anyone knows more about it I'd be very pleased to hear about it


Re: Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin tool roll

Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:10 pm

hi all warbird folks, i am wondering if anybody can tell me who made the 3/8 drive ratchet AT8022? i have one of these ratchets and has anybody got a picture of the ratchet that should be in this kit so i can find out if they are the same. thanks.

Re: Packard Rolls-Royce Merlin tool roll

Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:50 am

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the site so I hope it turns out ok.

I found a Packard Merlin tool roll identical to the one featured here, it is complete and in good condition. I took some photo's but do not know how to add them to this post so I have shown a link below to the item. The sale is on the 13th Sept 2012 in Northwich near Manchester England.

As a complete set seems to be very rare I thought some of the members might be interested in viewing it.

Link to auction siteand Merlin tool roll:-

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