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Graphite coating on ADF antenna?
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Author:  ZRX61 [ Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Graphite coating on ADF antenna?

Was helping a friend have a poke about at the salvage yard yesterday to get an ADF antenna (the semi-pointy rugby ball looking doodads). It's got some sort of graphite coating on it that turns EVERYTHING that touches it black.
It's now sat in my garage for refinishing so he can mount it on his Prince. Soap & water removed "some" of the coating, Lacquer thinner also removed a bit of it, but only made the graphite surface shiny. Sand paper immediately clogged up with the stuff & rendered it useless within 1 or 2 passes. Hit it with a 3M scotchbrite roloc disc on a die grinder & that works.... but the darn mess it made removing about 10square inches of the coating makes that a losing proposition....

Any other ideas? Only have a small compressor here so media blasting isn't viable.

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