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introductory post

Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:06 pm

Pre-BB here, built all the (scale) model kits from pre WW-1 through F106's. Joined EAA in 1961 but obtained no 'stick' time until much later.

Military experience was limited to being drafted in '65 as a medic and a little riding in fixed & rotary through '66 in Vietnam, lucky to be home in January '67. GI Bill specified "College First" for my chosen Aviation Career Path. Big mistake and it wasn't until January '73 that I got my first 'stick' time. Was totally shocked by how much I loved it. :D Bought a Luscombe 8A and commuted to FlightSafety for pre-employment training, spent January '75 through March '12 making a living doing what I loved. First as a CFI and ML-6 'Bush Pilot' then (in '80) as a Charter Operator for ten years with a C414A and then Corporate Operator in a C425 for the last 22 years of my career.

I do keep my CFI-IA SE/ME Certificate Renewed every two years, but have no other active role in aviation, the cockpit automation was a real turn-off for me... :cry:
I am a lover of history, especially vintage aviation, including military and commercial transport. :spit2
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