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Hello From DFW

Sat Apr 16, 2016 10:04 am

Hi. I'm Rob. I've been in the DFW area since 1989. My first job here in Texas was working at Carswell AFB (a moniker I still give it when I'm too lazy to say NAS JRB Fort Worth) and have always had a love affair with planes.
My earliest memory of airplanes was walking to school one morning and looking up to see a formation on its way to attack Pearl Harbor. This would have been 1967. Of course they were AT-6's, not Zeroes. I've been building models of airplanes off and on most of my life. Strangely though, I never went into the aviation field. My main association with aircraft usually involves jumping out of them. And no, at 53 I no longer find it fun - just another opportunity to end up at 100 percent before I retire. However, my son is an Apache mechanic, which will hopefully land him a good job in the area when he gets out.
So, as an 18B, I have few marketable skills in the civilian world. Therefore I work for a handful of military contractors when I'm not actively engaged in pissing off KJU in North Korea. I am still in the military, and while no longer full time, I still get to have fun from time to time.
I found this site quite by accident doing a related Google search. There's one thread in particular that although old, I would like to revive soon.
I noticed one of the very first introductions is a guy who worked on F-16s in Fort Worth. I also noticed from the thread I mentioned there's a gal living in Maypearl, which is a frequent destination for my wife and me on our little Royal Enfield. So I'm guessing quite a few folks on here are literally neighbors of mine and hopefully they, along with the rest of you, will find my current project of interest.
More on that later...
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