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Fairchild 24W Argus II

Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:32 pm

I need your help !!!
I'm the owner of a Fairchild 24 "Argus II" of 1943.
I know that it was delivered by liberty ship to Oran (Middle Est) in February 1944 and served in the RAF with the FZ827 registration (Sources of the RAF Museum). But I don't know in what squadron it served. I seek all information about his possible assignements.
This aircraft was very common so it wasn't subjected of a rigorous track record.
My only hope would be to trace it in a pilot’s log book or is mentioned in a Squadron diary.
Please, could you ask your friends who had family members who served as pilot in the RAF in North Africa and Italy in 1944/45?
Thank you in advance.
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