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This is the place where the majority of the warbird (aircraft that have survived military service) discussions will take place. Specialized forums may be added in the new future
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Twilight Zone DC-3, PBY, "The Arrival", bored, Summer Heat..

Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:54 pm

It's HOT, Summer, bored, ( a sign said "Satan called, He wants his weather Back ! :twisted: ), so I saw one of my Favorite Twilight Zone episodes, "The Arrival", where a DC-3 lands with out a crew or passengers. AT the start, when the DC-3 is taxing, you can catch, for a second, a PBY & something with tri. landing gear ( P-38 ?- B-25 ?). Anyone knows the TRUE identity of the DC-3 ?, 'cause they give 3 different N numbers, as part of the story ! :shock: geek pop2 , Thanks Wix Brain Trust, as usual ! :D
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