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This is the place where the majority of the warbird (aircraft that have survived military service) discussions will take place. Specialized forums may be added in the new future
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Warbird Digest #80:

Sun Sep 23, 2018 1:42 pm


Contents of Issue #80

Flight Log – UPDATES FROM AROUND THE WORLD, Progress reports from the warbird industry, including the first flight of the sole surviving Brewster F3A Corsair.

CALLSIGN: NIMROD – After nearly a decade, the world’s only civilian A-26A Counter Invader has joined the ranks of flying warbirds. Warbird Digest brings you the story of how an impressive group of volunteers restored the aircraft they have dubbed Special Kay .

MISSISSIPPI’S FALLEN HERO – One man had a quest to honor local World War Two veterans. This resulted in the restoration of a TBM Avenger for a very special purpose: to honor a fallen warrior.

SHEEP’S CLOTHING – John O’Connor recently refinished his Vought F4U-7 to represent an AU-1, an extinct ground-attack version of the Corsair. Now resplendent in a rare gray-over-white paint scheme, this Corsair had an interesting career both in the military and on the television screen.

GLOBE-HOPPING CHIPPIE – Richard Wilsher’s DHC-1 Chipmunk has an interesting history, having participated in a flight around the world. Warbird Digest delivers the story of Wilsher’s dedication to preserving this Chipmunk’s history.

Flight Check – THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL WARBIRD, Warbird Digest takes you for a thrilling flight aboard a civilian MiG-21 Fishbed.
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