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This is the place where the majority of the warbird (aircraft that have survived military service) discussions will take place. Specialized forums may be added in the new future
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USAF Aircraft Records and Codes. Cold War era 1960 - 1970

Tue Mar 19, 2019 5:17 am

Hopefully a very quick question...

I'm researching another airframe (thank you to everyone who assisted with the P-47D crash site) and this time its Cold War/Vietnam era - between 1964 and 1970 to be precise.

I have the record card from our friends at AFHRA (very helpful people) and some of the codes I can figure out, including the Action Date format.

But there are other codes that need deciphering.

So the quickest answer might be to buy a copy of "Aircraft Record Cards of the United States Air Force" by Robert Mann. But before I do so, can anyone confirm if the book covers this period? Its not clear from the descriptions I can find?

Thanks as ever in advance.
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