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two B-24 bombers of the 491st

Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:11 pm

So I found out my instructors dad was a B-24 pilot with the 491st BG 853rd BS during WWII and he became a POW after getting his second bird shot out from under him... apparently he lost multiple crew members over his missions and understandably didn't talk much about his time in uniform. Unfortunately he has passed and his son still would like to know his fathers story.

I have researched this some and found the MACR reports however I'm hitting a brick wall on retrieving and photos, and I cannot find any information on a specific B-24 with the serial number 42-110162 other than that it was built by Consolidated.

Anyone who may have information on either a/please contact me at my email: jwillis54@bigbend.edu

491st BG 853rd BS
B-24 serial number 42-110162
B-24 serial number 44-40205

One or possibly both a/c named "the Moose"
Pilot name 1st. Lt Warren C. Moore

Thanks for any help that may come my way
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