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Warbird in the Library

Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:10 pm

Got a strange one for ya: an OH-6 in a library - but it gets better. Not only is it in a library, but...wait for it...it's been turned into a sculpture - of a dinosaur! I'm not kidding.

Anyway, time to get serious. I'm a 2nd-year student at the University of Cincinnati. On display in the school's main library, Langsam, is an OH-6, which has been modified to look like a triceratops. Good news is that they have a number of informational panels on the wall across from the sculpture and despite the fact most of the description focuses on the creation of the sculpture, they had enough on the actual airframe for me to determine that it was OH-6A s/n 68-17268.

Have fun! :lol:

(I have a picture and can take more, but I don't really feel like creating another account on a photo website to post it.)

EDIT (02/02/13): Recently realized there are pictures of it online:
The "sculpture" is called the "Triceracopter". Here a the webpage listing the helicopter's serial number: Flying-Circus.org - MILITARY RECORDS. There is nothing left inside the sculpture, and indeed even some of the remaining helicopter pieces are reproductions. According to a multimedia presentation next to the sculpture:
Laura H. Chapman wrote:...[the artist, Patricia A. Renick] secured a badly damaged Vietnam-era helicopter fuselage, reconstructing most of it in fiberglass. Other helicopter parts were found and contributed by U.S. Army National Guard units in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.
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