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WTB WWII Radio Parts

Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:23 pm

Hello all, first time posting though I've been lurking a while. I had some radio components that I was looking for and have been having difficulty tracking down some of them so I figured I'd see if you might know someone who might have some of these and be interested in selling since I'd seen a few of them listed on here in the past. The parts I've been looking for are:

RT-22A/APX-1 (RT-22/APX-1 will also work)
C-54/APX-1 Control Unit
C-55/APX-1 Selector Unit
C-115/ARC-1 Control Unit
C-116/ARR-2A Control Unit
C-37/ARR-2A Electric Tuning Control
C-119/APX Control Unit
MT-108/APX-1 Mounting Base

If anyone knows where I might could get some of these I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
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