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Extrusion K22220 needed

Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:21 pm

Looking for a source for K22220 extrusion needed to rebuild a pair of TBM-3 wings? The back half of our wings was cut off years ago so all the ribs need rebuilt from the spar back. We'll need a bunch of it!

Re: Extrusion K22220 needed

Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:21 am

If you've got the profile info on it, you will need to peruse the various supplier catalogs to see if it's still in production. If not, get in touch with DryMartini over on the Aerovintage board and see who they have been using to pull extrusions for the B-17 project. Last time I checked, a die was about 1500$ depending on size and complexity, plus the process and material cost to make the pull. Might be worth checking with others in the TBM world to see about a group purchase.

Re: Extrusion K22220 needed

Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:55 pm

If no other TBM owner/operator/restorer has it I recommend https://aircraftextrusion.com/.
Had quite a few custom extrusions done recently from this company.Custom die charge was less than $400.00 but you do have to buy about 1000'. If we are talking a bulb angle extrusion or similar cost should be less than $4,000.00. You should be able to sell the remainder to TBM operators over time.
Good Luck with the TBM.
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