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Wanted - APS-42 Weather Radar

Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:20 pm

I volunteer at the Canadian Aviation Museum helping restore an RCAF Northstar, and our team is about to start the restoration of the AN/APS-42 weather radar on the aircraft. See Project Northstar website projectnorthstar.ca for our team's work. I am seeking help from the WRG community in locating surplus components and/or technical manuals for sale for the APS-42 radar. The APS-42/A/B series radars would have been installed on many post-WWII military transports: C-54, C-97, C-118, C-119, C-121, C-124, C-131 and early C-130s. Any help is appreciated.

Re: Wanted - APS-42 Weather Radar

Thu Feb 14, 2019 4:23 pm

Would the APS-42 have been used aboard civilian Twin Convairs? VFM has some radar components saved from a RR Dart-powered Convair 600 that was being scrapped. We have nothing from the cockpit, but we do have much of what was inside the radome. If you can point me to some detailed photos of what you're looking for, I'll compare them against what we have the next time I'm at the Museum.

Re: Wanted - APS-42 Weather Radar

Sat Feb 16, 2019 5:55 pm

Thanks for your reply. The original piston Twin Convairs from 1950s would have been fitted with either Bendix or RCA weather radars depending on customer. (e.g. it is known UAL preferred RCA). The APS-42 was the Bendix weather radar from late 1950s. However, the turboprop CV-600s from 1960s were likely fitted with a newer generation weather radar. Nonetheless, a check of what VFM has would be appreciated. We are looking for Receiver-Transmitter (#1), Synchronizer (#2) and Antenna (#3). See attached best-available photograph of APS-42 components. Cheers, John.
APS-24 Boxes.jpg
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