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Help needed in researching T6 - SNJ - Harvardcowling designs

Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:41 pm

Hello folks,

I am trying to explore possible variations in the design and production of T6 / SNJ / Harvard engine cowlings and in particular the internal radius from the outside face of the prop shaft to the inside edge of the cowl nose.

Could I ask those of you with an NAA aircraft in the hangar to take two simple measurements for me and post them, and the aircrafts ID and model in this thread?

I am after two measurements (1 each side of the prop shaft to allow for a cowl that is sitting offset), and to measure in inches down to 1/8" or better the distance from the face of the prop shaft to the inside radius lip of the cowl nose, ideally horizontally from the prop and in both directions.

ie I am trying to measure the size of the "hole" smiles

The two measurements, allowing for a standard diameter of the prop shaft, will then give me the diameter of the internal opening of the cowl, and I am keen to see if this is standardised across the NAA family or if it varies from factory or model?

I am expecting it to be uniform between the T6 and SNJ but I am not so sure about a Canadian Harvard etc

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Mark Pilkington

Re: Help needed in researching T6 - SNJ - Harvardcowling des

Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:51 pm

See my answer here:

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