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HE-162 - How bad was it?

Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:33 am

Aside from the inferior glue, I mean. The engine on top, at the CG, interesting....
Surprised no one has thought it "cool" enough to reproduce - hey, the ME-262's are cool, but they are more common than this little jet, IMHO.

Any color footage of it in flight, even postwar? All I found was this: (Shhh, it's only a model...) :)



Re: HE-162 - How bad was it?

Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:52 am

It apparently was a great aircraft, just rushed into and through production with inferior material.

as per wikipedia:
The difficulties experienced by the He 162 were caused mainly by its rush into production, not by any inherent design flaws.[21] One experienced Luftwaffe pilot who flew it called it a "first-class combat aircraft." Eric "Winkle" Brown of the Fleet Air Arm, who flew a record 486 different types of aircraft, said the He 162 had "the lightest and most effective aerodynamically balanced controls" he had experienced

although other quotes from him state:
Legendary British test pilot Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown judged the jet “an innovative concept that was quite tricky to operate.” He called it “an unforgiving aeroplane,” but noted that it was an effective gun platform, and “as a backup for the formidable Me 262 it could conceivably have helped the Luftwaffe to regain air superiority over Germany had it appeared on the scene sooner.”

I have never seen any video of one flying, and they weren't flown much as they had a habit if coming apart.

as for a modern re-production...I think many governments would shy away from certifying it as even the original construction was never proven to be safe. It would take mega $$$$ to get one in the air. You would have to reverse engineer one, and then go through the entire structure and ensure the construction would hold up to aerodynimc forces. not easy/


Re: HE-162 - How bad was it?

Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:59 am

The closest you will get with the real McCoy

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