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Helicopters flying over my neighborhood

Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:12 pm

Sometimes they have followed me and most of the time they just fly over the neighborhood. They started following me when I started walking to the subway station in the morning back around 2008-2009 when gas prices started rising a lot. Sometimes they would follow me in the morning when its dark. I used to walk through the woods in the dark to a railroad bridge and go under it to get to the other side of the highway. The helicopters wouldn't follow me to the other side of the highway, though. Later, I started riding my bike to another bridge to go under it to get to the other side of the highway and sometimes helicopters would follow me when I rode my bike. They would always stop at the bridge and not follow me after that. The USDA property is on 3 sides of my neighborhood and a Metro rail yard is near the railroad track bridge. Maybe, they're watching this.

Here's a youtube video of one helicopter that didn't seem to be following me at the time, but looks like the type that sometimes follows me. I found some links and youtube videos where people report the same thing.


Any ideas why they would be following me?
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